Cardiac Markers Controls

Catalog #150

  • Multi-analyte liquid combines Troponin I, Myoglobin, CKMB and CRP
  • Easy-to-use liquid human serum-based control
  • Frozen to maintain its two-year shelf life
  • Stable for 15 days at 2-8°C after thawing
  • Clinically significant levels for all analytes
  • Low cTnI level challenges low end of range where qualified for cardiac risk stratification
  • Packaged in boxes of six 3-mL vials
  • Available in three individual levels and/or in a tri-level box (2 sets)

More Diagnostics’ Cardiac Markers Control has assayed values for Siemens Dimension® and Beckman Access® and is also appropriate for other automated immunoassay systems that correlate with these methods. 

Product Identification Catalog Number
Cardiac Markers Control - Tri-Level 150
Cardiac Markers Control - Level 1 150-1
Cardiac Markers Control - Level 2 150-2
Cardiac Markers Control - Level 3 150-3