Rap/Tac/CsA Control (for Chromatography Methods)

Sirolimus / Tacrolimus / Cyclosporine/ Everolimus

Control #285

  • First QC to combine Cyclosporine, Tacrolimus (FK506,) Sirolimus (Rapamycin) and Everolimus analytes
  • The only easy-to-use liquid whole-blood ISD control
  • Frozen to maintain its four-year shelf life
  • Stable for 45 days at 2-8°C after thawing
  • Each level of each analyte is clinically significant
  • Packaged in boxes of six 5-mL vials
  • Available in four individual levels (six 5-mL vials each) and/or in a four-level box (1 set- 4 vials)
  • The ideal QC for LC-MS/MS ISD assays

More Diagnostics’ Rap/Tac/CsA Control for Chromatography Methods has assayed LC-MS/MS values for Cyclosporine,Tacrolimus and Sirolimus and is unassayed for Everolimus.

Product Identification Catalog Number
Rap/Tac/CsA Control - Four Level 285
Rap/Tac/CsA Control - Level 1 285-1
Rap/Tac/CsA Control - Level 2 285-2
Rap/Tac/CsA Control - Level 3 285-3
Rap/Tac/CsA Control - Level 4 285-4