More Diagnostics is your In Vitro Diagnostics Manufacturing Partner

As a manufacturer of in vitro diagnostic products, we strive to deliver the highest quality materials to you and your customers. Our breadth of experience in the IVD manufacturing market helps us to control fixed costs, enables efficient use of time and materials in production, and allows us to generate consistent and accurate results to meet customer requirements.

Custom and Contract Manufacturing – the customizable manufacturing solution

As a trusted manufacturer in the IVD industry, More Diagnostics has extensive experience with global partners and key decision makers. We understand the unique market and the challenges of changing demand.

Working with More Diagnostics can go further than purchasing our ready-made controls. Your company or research group can leverage our manufacturing expertise for:

Acquisition of Raw Materials

- Whole Blood Matrix
- Serum Matrix
- Plasma Matrix

OEM Manufacturing

- Custom immunosuppressant drug monitoring controls
- Custom cardiac marker controls

Research & Development

- Custom products made to your specifications

End-Stage Production

- Vial Filling or Bottling
- Packaging

Essential Quality

More Diagnostics takes pride in achieving rigorous accreditations to ensure that the products we produce will meet your needs and exceed your customer’s expectations. More Diagnostics has certifications with ISO13485:2016, CMDCAS, FDA, CE and ANVISA.

The business foundation of More Diagnostics is built in our Quality System. Every detail in the manufacturing process—from administrative and regulatory affairs to essential production operations—is performed with quality at the forefront. We guarantee that your product will always meet high quality standards and professional manufacturing requirements.

Lab managers, product managers, and laboratory technologists trust More Diagnostics products and practice. Our controls have the most robust open-vial stability across the industry, and our superior whole blood matrices are requested by major manufacturers for their own downstream production.

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