Quality Assurance Program

TOTAL QUALITY SYSTEM - Our Quality Assurance Program (QAP) continually monitors the performance of our products in the field with the Interlab Statistics program.  This Interlab Statistics program features peer groups for all of our products.  More Diagnostics’ QAP is a free service that shows you how your QC methods and results compare to those of your peers, enabling you to spot trends and maintain high-quality lab results.  

  • Discrete analysis of each level of each analyte you use
  • Timely monthly results
  • Trend monitoring
  • Reporting forms available online
  • Individual lab results available online
  • Data submissions confirmed by tech support person (human!)
  • Individual data only available to participants
  • Group data available to all customers

Enroll Customers can enroll today. Contact us at More Diagnostics.

Login Participants can login for reports and forms.