Value Assignment Program

Value Assignment Program

It is recommended to use Third-Party control materials to ensure that the methods are performing properly. Quality control materials can be categorized as assayed or unassayed. Assayed controls are provided with a list of targeted values and upper and lower limits (control ranges) for all analytes specified in the control material for the common analytical methods and instruments. Unassayed controls have no assigned analyte values provided by the manufacturer. The control values for these materials must be determined by the individual laboratory.

More Diagnostics works closely with the instrument manufacturers and selected clinical laboratory partners to establish statistically meaningful data as part of the value-assignment process for each given lot number of quality control. The results are contained in the Value Assignment documents also accessible on our website.

Why Is Value Assignment Important?

Reduce possible bias and improve accurate analytical results

Quality controls aide the lab with faster turnaround time and reduced cost and accurate results for patients

What are the benefits?

Monitor accuracy and precision of laboratory tests with third party controls

Detect shifts that can occur with new reagents and calibrators

Controls provide true ranges for laboratories to work efficiently

Join our Value Assignment Team and make an impact in the laboratory to help ensure accuracy.

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