Cyclosporine C2 (CSAE) Control

Cyclosporine C2 (CSAE) Control

Catalog #202

More Diagnostics’ Cyclosporine C2 Control has assayed values for Siemens Dimension® and Vista®; Thermo Fisher Cedia® and Siemens Syva EMIT 2000®  and is also appropriate for other automated immunoassay systems that correlate with chromatographic methods.


  • First QC to support EMIT 2000® & Dimension® Extended-range CsA (CSAE) assays
  • Easy-to-use liquid whole-blood control
  • Mimics patient sample


  • 4-year shelf life closed vial stability at <-14° C
  • 45-day open vial stability at 2°C - 8°C


  • Cyclosporine A
Catalog Code Description Configuration
202 Assayed Tri-Level 6 x 5mL

Cyclosporine C2 (CSAE) Control



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