• Innovation - More Diagnostics designs, manufactures and markets premier clinical Quality Controls, specializing in liquid Cardiac Markers and Immunosuppressant Drug Controls. These human-based controls offer excellent precision and long shelf life with assayed values for the most popular analyzers and methods. Our free InterLab Statistics program offers quality assurance peer group data and reference statistical analysis
  • Larger Lots – Eliminate frequent QC lot changes and crossover studies. More Diagnostics produces lot quantities sufficient to supply users with material of the same lot from release to outdate for up to 4 years.
  • Superior Whole-Blood Matrix - Say goodbye to reconstitution and the resulting error potential. We have created a clean, stable liquid matrix for QC for whole-blood ISD assays. Whether your lab uses an automated analyzer or a liquid chromatography system to test for therapeutic drug levels, you will appreciate the convenience, economy and quality of our liquid controls.
  • Available Around the World – More Diagnostics products are distributed internationally by our industry partners and registered in all the countries where the controls are needed to support their assays.

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Cardiac Markers Controls

Cyclosporine C2 (CSAE) Controls

Mycophenolic Acid (MPA) Controls

Sirolimus / Tacrolimus / Cyclosporine Controls (For CEDIA/QMS methods (Available only from Thermo Fisher Scientific)

Sirolimus / Tacrolimus / Cyclosporine Controls (for Chromatography Methods)

Sirolimus / Tacrolimus / Cyclosporine Controls (for Immunoassay Methods)